what is the new deal.

In an effort to perform the actions of the new deal project I carried out a three part series of events. It began with the intention to construct a large loom type of bug trap which was a challenge in that the strings were virtually out of reach. Second, the strings were attached to a structure with hot pink tape. Later, a concoction made from a dollars worth of silly putty extruded through a funnel was applied to help seal the deal. Next, I journeyed  up the ladder of success. Once at the top I attempted to send signals of money using paper airplanes instead of sign language for an interesting means of communication. One cent, one fourth cent, half cent, three fourths cent. The money got trapped, or so I anticipated it would, like a bug in a loom. In the seven minuets it took to complete the task, the tune form "Gold Diggers of 1933" was stuck in my head. At times I would whistle "were in the money, were in the money," unfortunately my lips were so dry from my hard labor that it didn't articulate as well as I hoped.


We have decided not to die

We Have Decided Not To Die is an unusual short film. A modern day allegorical triptych, three figures under go transformation through three rituals: Birth, Between and Rebirth. Though not a story in any conventional sense, We Have Decided Not To Die's visual poetry captivates just the same, evoking a surreal ritualistic world, whose characters appear to float free of space and time.
The director is Daniel Askill, a music video director behind videos for UNKLE, Placebo and Digitalism among others, and who also is the star of the second ritual. His penchant for water environments, slo-mo movement and other usual trademarks of his work are all present here.


my package is bigger than yours.

We are trying to rouse some energy into this object of ours, an object so large and cumbersome that many believe that it cannot be done in time. Well, you who say it cannot be done must be retarded. The entire outcome depends on you. The only way a package of this nature will be delivered to your door step will be because of you. Stimulate your ego. If you would like my billions then come and get it. Rip it from my hands and share it with who really needs it. Buy yourself a new pair of shoes so that you may be able to walk again. Start there and the rest will follow. But first, before any of that can be done, look at your future. Far into it. Are we suffering?

great job